wax & relax

Glow has tailored an entirely new luxurious waxing experience. You can now truly enjoy every part of your Brazillian & or body waxing treatment. We are taking self-care & pampering to a whole new level and prepping the delicate skin decadently with Pre/Post Care that will change your waxing encounter.


Calming Selenite Crystal/Essential oils for relaxation 

Soothing aloe wash

Steam Gentle scrub to remove dead skin cells 
and open follicles

Numbing gel, if desired

The jelly mask helps with dermis calming + blemish healing

Forearm and Calf massage

Chilled ultrasonic tool and healing oils to close
follicles soften skin & add a Glow      

 We use the best Brazilian and soft waxes for sensitive skin. For best results body hair must be 1/4 of an inch. We do not trim body hair for sanitary reasons.

 Full face & body  waxing  

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Lux Brazilian additional $20= $99
Lux body wax additional $40

Wonderful waxing without all
 the extra pampering

Brazilian $79
Regular Bikini $55
Extended Bikini $65
Half Legs $60
Full legs $95
Chest or Back $80
Full Arms $50
Half Arms $42
Underarms $35
Full Face $63
Lip & Chin $35
Lip & Brow $35
Brow Shaping $25

lux pricing

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