The benefits of choosing a spa package over just one service are plentiful.  Our packages are for those that want to get the very best out of their time and money. At Glow, we want you to get the very best results and reward those coming in often. We have the guests that want to come in for the occasional treat, but most of our clients are here because they want to make an impact on their skin or body, and we are here to help them do just that.


This package is for guests that want the ultimate results-driven experience; we will choose multiple corrective treatments for your skin. The more treatment you receive in one session, the closer you get to your skin goals. We will teach you which products will be most helpful for your skin, all while getting a relaxing treatment.

this treatment may include: hydro-dermabrasion, microdermabrasion, led, nano, peels, manual extractions.


3 treatments with multiple services | Normally up to $840 

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3 treatments  | Normally up to $450 

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3 sessions for $975.00

5 sessions for $1,575.00

10 sessions for $3,000.00

cryoskin package

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