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Please keep in mind that our trained Estheticians are here to give you the very best results in a short time. Your esthetician may recommend multiple treatments in a session for optimal results; this does not mean you have to do multiple treatments or will not get good treatment if you only choose one. They are just offering the very best and teaching you why what they chose would be so beneficial. Please call or email with questions.

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aging or sagging skin

dehydrated or dry skin




Nano Treatment

Microdermabrasion & Deluxe Facial

Ultrasonic Facial


Deluxe Facial


Osmosis Infusion Peel

Enzyme Peel

Chemical Peel

Specialty Mask

Celluma LED



Deluxe Facial


Enzyme Peel 

Specialty mask

Celluma LED

Microdermabrasion & Deluxe facial

Nano Treatment facial


Series Enzyme Peel 

Series Chemical Peel

Consistent Celluma LED
Skincare home regime is very important for hyperpigmented skin

Celluma LED



Acne Facial


Series Enzyme Peels
Series Chemical peels

Consistent Celluma LED

Skin care home regime is very important for healing acne

Osmosis Infusion 


Skin care for rosacea

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how to prep for your appointment


• Come with no makeup and perfume if possible 
• Do not exfoliate 4 days before
• Stop using any harsh acids such as Glycolic or Retin A for 7 days before your appointment
• Communicate what you are looking for to your therapist
• Tell us if you are allergic to something specific, pregnant, nursing or on Accutane or Antibiotics 
• Do not sunbathe or tan 3 days before your appointment

cryoskin facials

• Same guidelines as a facial 
• If you have Botox wait 30 days after administered 
• If you have Fillers wait 3 months after administered 

lash lift

• Come with clean lashes! 
• No mascara or eye make-up
• No caffeine before your appointment


• Do not sunbathe or tan 3 days before
• Stop using acids such as Glycolic or Retin-A two weeks before your appointment 
• Do not get waxed if you have thin skin or on Accutane or Antibiotics

body wraps

• Shower
• Exfoliate
• No oils, lotion. Deodorant
• No caffeine or alcohol 4-6 hours before or after
• Do not eat or drink one hour before
• Eat healthy no heavy carbohydrates the day of
• If you have heart, thyroid or diabetes check with your doctor before doing the wrap

cryoskin slimming treatment

• Same as body wrap preparation


• Shower
• Exfoliate
• Tell your therapist of any injury or pain

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