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Not all problems can be fixed with a single treatment. You should be keeping up a regular skin care ritual at home, in addition to receiving treatments. stay consistent in your routines. The truth is that 80% of any progress is from your at-home rituals, and only 20% comes from inside the treatment room. Creating a unique daily regimen, that targets your skin's needs and irregularities, will dramatically improve the appearance of your skin's texture, and it's overall health. Talk to your esthetician about what products you should be using at home to achieve optimal results. Consider us your personal training team -- you do the heavy lifting at home, but we'll always educate you first.

At Glow, we believe in serious, results-driven skincare. We customize each facial to your specific needs. Our thumbprint symbolizes everyone’s unique skin, which we know will require different steps and ingredients. Your skin speaks, we listen.