lash extensions

     Eyelash extensions can be glamorous! They can be intense, can be subtle, and flirty – it all depends on the style and set you select! 
     Our sets are based on fullness, from a subtle natural beauty look to our most popular Glam set to a Dramatic show-stopping effect. Style, length, and curl are fully customizable on all our lash sets and can be achieved using Classic or Volume lashes and mixing them for a Hybrid look. Just as every person is unique, so are their natural lashes. Each set may vary from person to person depending on eye shape and size, and how many natural lashes you have.

we offer a variety of lash extensions 

For best results. Please come to your touch up appointment with freshly clean lash extensions and eye area so that dirt, sweat, oil, and makeup will not interfere with the adhesive bond and your beautiful new extensions will last as long as possible.

natural set


This look is a subtle enhancement and is for natural beauty. Ideal for someone wanting to look like they are not wearing extensions. This light set is similar to one coat of mascara and can be the perfect intro to first-time lash wearers. 

90 minutes | approximately 50 lashes per eye

glam set


This set is our most popular and is comparable to 2 coats of mascara. Perfect for special occasions or if you typically wear eye makeup every day. Toss out the eyeliner and mascara because this glamorous look takes the place of both. 

120 minutes | approximately 75 lashes per eye

drama set


This show-stopping look gives you the most fullness and darkness with 100% coverage of your natural lashes or close to them. The intensity of this dramatic set mimics a strip lash look and is great for performances and photos.

3 hours | approximately 100 lashes per eye

lash touch ups

Our average client receives a touch-up every 2-3 weeks to maintain a complete and fresh set of lashes. Lash Touch-ups are required when the natural eyelash has grown or fallen out due to the lash growth cycle or glue breakdown. During your touch-up, our lash artist will take the time to add more lash extensions and remove any lash extensions that have either grown out or are no longer sitting correctly, and then replacing them with fresh new ones.

mini touch ups


A quick touch-up for minimal shedding or some extra fullness for a special occasion or event in between your scheduled standard touch up. 

30 minutes | no removal of old extensions during this appointment.

standard touch up


Our most common touch up needed to maintain your desired look every 2-3 weeks.

60 minutes

extended touch up


An extended touch-up is strongly recommended if you prefer to keep your set looking full, fresh, and vibrant at all times or you exceed your regular scheduled touch-up time of 3 weeks. 

90 minutes 

full touch up


A full touch up is needed if you have lost most of your lash extensions and are close to needing a new set or are looking to add more drama to your lash line 

120 minutes 

lash touch up menu

full lash set menu

new client touch up


If you‏ currently have lash extensions that were applied elsewhere, we are happy to fill on top of your existing extensions. We schedule 90 min for these appointments to allow for any additional corrections that may be necessary. Applying lashes to another artist's work can be more challenging in some cases. We will do our best to work with what you already have. However, if we come across extensions that were improperly installed and damaging your natural lashes, removal, and a new set may be needed. 

90 minutes 

lash lift


If you are looking for a lash enhancement with low maintenance and minimal commitment then a lash lift may be what's best for you. A safe and easy way to temporarily lift, curl or reform and reshape your natural lashes, highlighting your natural beauty, giving the illusion of length, and making the eye appear more open. No need for lash curling tools anymore. Your beautiful lifted lashes will last the duration of their lash cycle, 6-8 weeks. 

45-60 minutes 

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