IV Hydration


IV Hydration is a quick and effective way to introduce fluids intravenously, or through your bloodstream. The fluid, given from a bag connected to a thin tube, called an IV, then inserted into one of your veins. These cocktails consist of water with electrolytes, sugar, medications or supplements, tailored to your specific needs and desired results. A nurse prep and disinfect the skin over the injection site, which is the lower part of the arm. Once the vein located, the nurse will then insert the IV Hydration. You may notice a little sting, however, that is just the feeling of soon to be, comfort!


All things considered, iv hydration is considered the most effective way reverse the side effects of dehydration. Known side effects are; migraines, fatigue, foggy brain, nausea, irritability, cold, flu, dizziness, and overall suppressed immunity. In other words, IV Hydration is great for hangover recovery, in the event that you had a long night of celebrating. For the purpose of athletes that suffer from sore muscles and aches. Not to mention, those that travel and feel jet-lagged, in general, are exposed to the cold and flu coupled with dehydration.


With Glow Skin Care Med Spa,  you get comprehensive, expert medical care from a team of providers. Of which includes a personal healthcare navigator, a Physician Assistant, and a Medical Doctor. The physician assistant is your primary provider and is board certified to assess your condition and provide IV Hydration. When needed, they could even send appropriate prescriptions to the pharmacy of your choice for common minor medical problems. Our clients are our main focus and more so like family. We implemented a very stringent hiring process to only bring on the finest of care providers that share our philosophy, and principals. We can assure you that your time with our staff will leave you feeling like you were right at home.


As shown above, if you’re looking for a boost of energy, mental clarity, or even wanting to slim down and detox, IV hydration together with our supplements and vitamins, is the way to go. Come in and enjoy the peaceful ambiance, or request a home visit. Our mobile iv hydration treatments are simple and convenient, just call Glow Skin Care Med Spa, located in Santa Rosa Ca, book an appointment. We will have one of our certified nurses come to you within a 45-minute window.


In a world of social events, it’s easy to find ourselves waking up with a nasty headache, and in desperately needing hydration. As the saying goes, “How can I be so dehydrated when I drank so much last night?” In a fast-paced society, it is essential to be fully functional. One must be ready to take on the next big event. Prepared to rub shoulders with what could be that decision maker of the biggest deal of your life. Or the award-winning photos of tomorrows accomplishments. Whatever the case may be, lack of hydration will not only slow you down, it will have you feeling and looking like the liquor bus just collided with you at speeds unknown. Fear not, with the help of our Hangover Hydration treatment, you can say goodbye to the hair of the dog that bit you! Welcome a modern iv hydration treatment loaded with a Vitamin B boost. Get ready to feel your best as you walk in the room GLOWING, as if the limelight of last night, had no effect on you.

Price $275.00

Ingredients – Saline Solution, Vitamin B, Toradol, Pepcid

Add-Ons Recommended: b12, magnesium


This IV Hydration is hailed as one of the greatest and best kept secrets for both anti-aging and beauty. This cocktail drip with Glutathione has been used by the beauty industry to maintain that youthful tone, radiant skin, and healthy look. Glutathione helps with the detoxification of cells, eliminating heavy metals and free radicals in the body. Glutathione, known as the “Master Antioxidant” will leave your cells rejuvenated, healthy and your skin glowing. If you want to look your best for that upcoming event, this drip will have you looking and feeling your best!

Price $325.00

Ingredients – Saline Solution, Glutathione, Vitamin B Complex

Add-Ons Recommended: Vitamin C, Magnesium.


When you are sick and your body needs all the help it can get to boost its natural defenses. This treatment gives your body the vitamins and nutrients it needs in attacking infections or viruses. While delivering a powerful punch, the magnesium allows for the body to heal at more of a rapid pace by assisting with rest and stress reduction, which are both typical when the body is fighting to feel normal again.

Price $385.00

Ingredients – Saline Solution, Vitamin B, Vitmain C, Magnesium.

Add-Ons Recommended: Pepcid, Toradol.


While traveling we tend to recuperate slowly, leaving our bodies vulnerable to sickness, fatigue and more. While inflight it is truly challenging to maintain a level of hydration that helps flush our body of anything that isn’t welcomed. This IV is loaded with vitamins that will not only help combat potential illness, it will leave you hydrated, energized and ready to go.

Price $350.00

Ingredients – Saline Solution, Vitamin B, Vitmain C

Add-Ons Recommended: Magnesium


Perhaps you have had a long hard workout, feeling a little dehydrated and cramping? Or maybe you just feel as if your body is needing a deeper hydration which you can’t seem to quench? Then perhaps this is a great solution for you. Many times the side effects of dehydration show themselves when it is too late. Typically it can take an entire day to just balance out the body from the neglect in which we subjected it to. Within 30 minutes, the saline solution will have your body replenished and ready for that next intense workout.

Price $225.00

Ingredients – Saline Solution

Add-Ons Recommended: Additional Saline Bag, Magnesium, Vitamin B, Vitmain C