Chemical Peels

About Chemical Peels

At Glow Skincare, we specialize in chemical peels. Our estheticians are highly trained and offer the best chemical peels and facials in Santa Rosa. If you are looking for the best personalized day spa experience in Sonoma County, schedule an appointment with Glow Skincare today! We have (25+) 5 star reviews on Yelp!

Unfortunately, the older we get the older we look. That’s just the way it goes. Chemical peels have the ability to make the skin look and feel younger by eliminating layers of dead skin. After we turn 24 years of age our skin starts to slow down as far as how it exfoliates itself. Therefore it is up to us to move the dead skin along so that our skin can look refreshed.

A Chemical peel can make a world of difference on the skin, but it needs to be the correct chemical peel. We have over 10 different peels to choose from and can decide at the time of the treatment what the best peel would be after we examine and get to know your skin. When it comes to a chemical peel we cannot stress the importance of coming in so that we can really take the time to understand your skin. By studying your skin and spending a few minutes discussing allergies and or any other concerns, our trained aestheticians will be able to specialize a chemical peel that fits your skin and needs. It’s impossible to achieve this by a phone call or email, for that we stress the importance of making an appointment for a chemical peel and coming in so that we can dedicate time to get to know you and your skin.

If you can tell us what results you are looking for we will make sure we do all in our power to achieve this in the safest way possible with the acquired knowledge of your skin. Our method with chemical peels is that we start at a lower, less invasive peel depending on what kind of treatments you have experienced in the past. This will ensure not upsetting the skin, you can go in and get a extreme peel at the your dermatologist office but what will your skin look like after? Think of it as a work out for your skin. If you have never worked out before and go to the gym and do an Olympic work out you will probably end up injuring yourself. Slow and steady winds the race yet you will still see the results after your treatment. Last but not least, clients that physically peel more than others do not necessarily get a deeper or more beneficial peel. Peeling can be a sign of dehydration. Make sure to hydrate yourself and your skin when undergoing these treatments. To get the absolute best results you should do 3-6 treatments every 10- 14 days.

Jessner Peels

sub page chemical peelThe Jessner Peel is great for all skin types from sensitive to acneic. Great for hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and large pores. Will help smoothen and rejuvenate the skin.This specific peel consists of three main acids Salicylic (a beta hydroxy) Lactic (a alpha hydroxy) and resorcinol. These treatments can dramatically change and resurface the skin. You will see a difference in one treatment but will get the best results in 3-6 treatments, based on your skin conditions.

1 treatment $110 3 treatments $300 (save $30) 6 treatments $600 (save $60)

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Retinol Peels

Chemical peels santa rosaA more in-depth peel! A Retinol Peel is great for someone with skin laxity, dehydrated skin and those with fine lines. It will produce collagen and give a youthful look. Not appropriate for a thin or sensitive skin.

1 treatment $120 3 treatments $330 (save $30) 6 treatments  $660 (save $60)

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Add-On Services

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Treat yourself to the following items below to make any treatment that much more enjoyable.

*High frequency (Heal) – $15

Assists in both acne prone and inflamed skin. It does so by killing the bacteria. It will also help with dark circles and inflammation under the eyes.

*24 Carat Gold and Collagen Eye or Lip Mask – $15

Hydrates and plumps the delicate eye and lip area. 

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