Brazilian & Full Body Waxing


We feature full body hair removal waxing services at our Santa Rosa Day Spa. Glow Skincare Estheticians offer the best Brazilian Wax service in Santa Rosa. We are known for our excellent soft touch. Let us remove your hair with care. Read our great reviews on Yelp!

Brazilian waxing as well as body waxing can be a very private matter, you do not just want to trust just anyone down under, or even the rest of your body. That is why here at Glow our Staff is highly trained and has a gentle hand, so that you will be as comfortable and relaxed as possible. Our goal is to remove the hair in the most effective, yet quickest way to get you in and out of our spa making you feel so fresh and so clean. For first timers or anyone who requests it, we have a numbing spray which can ease the pain for those very sensitive areas. We use the best Brazilian and soft waxes for sensitive skin. The skin is prepped using both almond oil and cornstarch powder. If you have not experienced a Brazilian yet, let Glow be your first, you won’t want to go anywhere else. We also specialize in brow waxing. This treatment is an art and with the right touch the eyes can become so accentuated. Brow waxing can open the eye or even make it appear as though you had an eye lift. Who doesn’t want to look more inviting and awake? Brows are another thing that you don’t want to mess around with, removing just a few hairs could completely ruin or change the look that you are trying to achieve. We always take a bit less hair in the beginning to ensure you are happy with what you asked for. We can take the hair off but we cannot put it back on! So please be very instructive of what you would like and we will be happy to go over your section before the wax treatment.

Full Body & Brazilian Wax Services

Brazilian wax santa rosa waxingWe use only the finest European Wax on your body. We prep the hair removal area, apply the wax to the desired location and gently remove the hair.

Brazilian with numbing spray included removal of all hair front to back – $65

Extended Bikini removal of majority of hair – $50

Full Face – $40

Side Burns – $20

Brow – $20

Lip – $10

Chin – $15

Lip and Chin – $20

Chest or Back – $45

Full Arms – $45

Half Arms – $30

Underarms – $25

Full Stomach – $25

Happy Trail – $10

Full legs – $80

Half Legs – $45

Bikini – $40