Contour Body Wraps

Contour Body Wraps

Our contour body wraps are truly amazing and are used for many health reasons depending on the individual and what they are looking to achieve. One benefit of the body wrap is how it helps the body drop between 4-14 inches in an hour while speeding the body’s metabolism. Our clients tend to utilize the body wrap because of its amazing detoxification effects.

Some clients want to be healthier and rid the toxins built up in their systems. Others utilize the contour body wraps for its benefits in reducing pain and inflammation by promoting circulation. Of course, there are also so many other amazing benefits that the body wraps can be used for aiding in stretch marks, boosting the immune system, fibromyalgia, candida and speeding up slow digestive systems.

Whichever your reason, you will be very content with the almost instant results that the body wraps will help you achieve. The contour body wraps are often sold in packages to receive the maximum results and inch loss, although you will see the difference in just one session. The contour cream will stimulate both the lymphatic and circulatory system as the wrap acts as an acupressure to push the lymphatic fluid into the thoracic valve, which is our largest lymphatic vessel of the lymphatic system. This circulates the impurities back into our bloodstream to filter through the liver and kidneys as it would naturally. This promotes permanent toxin relief. The inch loss will be permanent if you are dedicated to being healthy by being more conscious of what is put into the body.

Contour Body Wrap


body wraps santa rosaWith the Detoxifying Body Wraps, you will lose 4-14 inches in just one hour. Afterward, you will look your best and feel relaxed.  This treatment leaves you feeling like you just woke up from a much-needed nap.

(1hr 15 min per Body Wrap Session)

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